We specialize in quality used imports with inventory constantly being added.

Our story

Cars have always been a huge part of my life. Fascination with timeless classics, love for the fast models, appreciation for design, and fervent enthusiasm for collecting and restoring ignited an idea of turning my passion into family business. I wanted to create a space where community could experience the joy of owning quality vehicles regardless of the budget.

My dream was not just about selling the cars, but providing unique personalized experience and building lasting relationships. With the support of my wife and children I decided to open a family owned and operated pre-owned car dealership. I believed that our genuine love for cars would resonate with customers seeking trustworthy and friendly environment to make their vehicle purchase. Despite all the obstacles and challenges in 2017 Pannon Motors opened its doors. (To stay true to our roots, the company was named after Pannonia, a historical and geographical region in Central Europe.)

We are proud to offer our community variety of pre-owned vehicles for sale, consignment services, and most importantly family friendly atmosphere and a commitment to providing exceptional services.